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A long service life, low maintenance and a functional design characterize all M-Series machines.


All M-Series products offer construction companies a wide variety of standard applications, while also providing the user with maximum safety.

Ready for the job

A reliable and constant performance makes all M-Series machines highly effective and always ready for operation.

Facts & figures at one glance

  • Group headquarters: Munich, Germany
  • Production and development locations: Germany, Austria, U.S.A., Serbia, China
  • Utility models/patents: approx. 280
  • Employees: approx. 5,500
  • Stock Exchange Listing: since May 2007, SDAX 

About Wacker Neuson and the M-Series

Wacker Neuson can look back on more than 160 years of history. In 1848 the company’s story began with a blacksmith shop in Dresden, Germany. Since then, with a strong passion for inventing high quality and innovative equipment, Wacker Neuson innovations have set standards and changed processes in construction all over the world.

Since the world’s first electric rammer was invented and introduced in 1930, Wacker Neuson has never stopped developing new ideas. Wacker Neuson is known for providing high quality products through the company’s strong German engineering background as well as excellent value for money. Also the innovative product design has brought Wacker Neuson high reputation in the industry and won various recognized awards throughout the last years.

To cater to the requirements of all our customers worldwide more precisely, Wacker Neuson has developed the M-Series - a product range to offer construction companies robust products that can be relied on in a wide variety of standard applications while also providing the user with maximum safety.

History Timeline

Wacker Neuson History 1846
1846 Founding of the blacksmith's shop Wacker in Dresden
Wacker Neuson History 1930
1930 Wacker invents the world's first rammer
Wacker Neuson History 1937
1937 Wacker presents the first internal vibrators for professional concrete compaction
Founding of the first foreign affiliate in Hartford, USA
1957 Founding of the first foreign affiliate in Hartford, USA
Founding of Neuson Hydraulik GmbH in Linz
1961 Founding of Neuson Hydraulik GmbH in Linz
1964 Founding of the production plant in Reichertshofen
1966 Founding of the production plant in Milwaukee, USA
Wacker Neuson M-Series History 1973
1973 The first reversible vibratory plate from Wacker
Wacker Neuson M-Series History 1968
1988 Neuson designs and develops the "Vertical Digging System" (VDS) for more efficient excavation in uneven ground conditions
1999 Founding of the production plant in Manila, Philippines
2001 Merger of Neuson Baumaschinen GmbH and Kramer-Werke GmbH
2005 Weidemann GmbH becomes part of the group of companies
2007 Merger into Wacker Neuson SE
Wacker Neuson M-Series History 2010
2010 The world's most powerful vibratory plate DPU130r is launched on the market
2012 New construction of the compact equipment plant in Hörsching near Linz
Wacker Neuson M-Series History 2015
2015 Wacker Neuson presents the first battery rammer